The EMMINVEST project


EMMINVEST is a project helping European entrepreneurs with mobile & mobility solutions and venture capital investors to develop their business internationally. It focuses on:

  • Getting companies investment ready through investment readiness training
  • Networking companies & investors through online & live meetings at investment forums
  • Helping investors identify key business partners in new regions (funds, corporate, clusters

Connectivity – A platform for relevant support

Europe has great entrepreneurs, outstanding development agencies and the interest of international investors; all the elements needed to build the next global companies from European soil.

With the European institutions, the European Space Agency and an increasing number of national and regional development agencies in locations such as Catalunia, Flanders and the Hellenic region, the EMMINVEST partners are building a collaborative network promoting growth in young enterprises in mobile and mobility.

Investment ReadingEMMINVEST - Elementsess – A Coaching facility for high-growth startups

EMMINVEST works with regional & national innovation agencies to identify high-potential businesses and support them in developing growth plans. Through a bi-weekly coaching platform that spans several months, participants work with experienced coaches and successful entrepreneurs on topics like market validation, internationalization and fundraising techniques & proposals. Successful graduates of the EMMINVEST coaching programme are then fast-tracked to present their business at investment forums.

Matchmaking – Raising awareness among investor community

Where there are many great technologies being developed at young innovative businesses, there is often an issue to raise capital effectively in European home markets. EMMINVEST not only helps companies network with investors, but also supports independent and corporate investors to connect with peers in other European countries. This way, investors may find the right co-investor for their portfolio company or a colleague who may provide the right introductions in an unknown market.

To network Europe’s capital across borders, EMMINVEST takes a practical approach and hosts online networking sessions & live meetings at investment forums & industry summits across the continent. These allow investors to put forward investable business cases and promote expertise, connections and strategies. Participating investors also gain systematic access to high-growth mobile & mobility companies participating in EMMINVEST activities.

The EMMINVEST Network Partners

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This initiative is supported by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry and financed under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) which aims to encourage the competiveness of European enterprises.