Second Edition Of BkVF Takes Place In Belgrade On 22-23 November

People here we go! It’s time to officially announce what we were preparing in the last few months. Belgrade is welcoming our entrepreneurial community. It’s got a recent Innovation fund to show for, tons of bright people, it’s big and central, so yeah, it looks promising! Just a hint: this time we are doubling the content, with the second programme track in preparation.. And in a big upcoming startup center like Belgrade, it is poised to be a landmark event for the region.

Balkan Venture Forum in the Beautiful Belgrade

Beautiful Belgrade

How we got here

The first edition of the Balkan Venture Forum in Skopje, proved that there is great excitement and need for a regional gathering of the top startups, experts and investors,  joined together on a quest for progress through innovation. This allowed BkVF to grow into the largest Balkan’s innovation showcase and investment forum, which demonstrates the recent explosion of the regional startup eco-system and willingness to work together.

It was very rewarding to see in Skopje many of the community leaders, brilliant startup founders and movers and shakers from all countries in the region. People like Bogdan, Georgios, Stevica, Mirna, Milos, Maxim, Rumen, Jure, Blaz, Filip, Kristijan, Ivo and others are the ones that are making it happen for everybody. Even the ones who didn’t make it, but helped remotely, like Natasha and Roxanne have contributed immensely.

Not to forget the fantastic support from the friends from further abroad such as the Pirate Summit crew (Manuel, Till, Maurice, Waldemar, Fabian) , Artur from PioneerFestival, Tomas from, Dr. Opper from Israel and many other cool people who contributed their know-how and fun-loving attitude to the event. Such energy contributed to the launch of the second BkVF only six months after the first.

What’s up in Belgrade

What is awaiting us in BkVF Belgrade? Simply put: it is culminating into more, bigger, better. Apart from being a bustling metropolis hungry for innovation, the local scene is boosted by the recently created Innovation Fund and inspired by heroes like Branko Milutinovic (Nordeus). We’ve prepared a fantastic line up of international speakers and a programme rich with industry insight, personal stories and a lot of startup pitches in the spotlight. The number international investors is expected to surpass the wildest expectations. So expect many heavyweight sharks on the networking floor, and even better apply for the pitching competition or for a 1on1 meeting.

Check out the programme and the participants, or directly book your early-bird tickets. Just a hint: the second programme track is in preparation, with a focus on tech trends, disruption opportunities and product development skills. And not to forget, the programme closes on a Friday, so make sure to experience Belgrade with its sights, sounds, tastes and people.

See you there!

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