Discover the startups pitching at SuperFounders SEE Investment Forum!

Our third SuperFounders Start acceleration program culminates with the SuperFounders SEE Investment Forum. We are excited to do it in Istanbul in partnership with the European Business Angel Investment Forum 2014, which is organized by EBAN, TBAA and the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

We will take the opportunity to present before the investors from EBAN and TBAA the startups which we helped to achieve business and investment readiness and a few international guest startups:

1. Onatros is a collaborative well-being marketplace for nutritionists and fitness professionals providing a unique service that helps clients meet their fitness and well-being goals with guidance tools, monitoring and the latest health-tech trends.

2. Vapour Apps is private cloud based on open source software. It represents a complete corporate IT ecosystem with predefined applications which allow its clients to manage its users, servers and applications from a single dashboard.

3. Alamo is completely wireless, flower friendly, autonomous robotic lawn mower. It is an intelligent and self-positioning robot designed for anyone who has a yard.

4. Medi-Cloud is a solution which provides services for doctors and makes their daily routines easier. The solution also supports clinics and health facilities and makes them more profitable and cooperative.

5. Funderbeam is a discovery and analytics engine for early-stage investment opportunities and a community platform for angel investors.

6. V-count is the first “plug and play” visitor counter. V-count 3G is a vital tool for accurate and real time traffic measurements at stores or institutions. It offers the state of the art people counting and traffic analysis technology, featuring a GSM ready, 95% accurate, standalone counting box. It can count and analyse the customer traffic in a single shop, chain stores, shopping malls and public environments as well.

7. G4TECH is an early-stage, startup, which offers a smart irrigation system called Ototarim. Ototarim provides automatic soil mapping, yield monitoring, precise irrigation and liquid fertilization. It helps to improve water and energy conservation, reduce soil erosion and maximize the crop yield and the quality.

8. Taksibul is a mobile application designed for both taxi drivers and clients n order to improve their communication. By offering a real – time  tracking of the available taxes, the app fixes the problem of wasted time and improves drivers’ personal productivity.

9. Room in the Moon  is an online platform designed for young professionals and students who are moving abroad. It allows them to overcome the work challenges of moving overseas by helping them to make friends, find accommodation and learn about the city they are moving in.

All of the above startups have excellent ideas with huge business potential. On our part at SuperFounders we worked tirelessly during the past few months to elevate their investment and business readiness, which we hope the investors at EBAF will appreciate. If you want to check out the resulsts, please regiister at the exclusive EBAF2014 and join us in Istanbul from December 14-16th!


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